Initiation and Approval

All educational activities must be approved by the VANJHCS Education Committee (EC. The Education Committee will base its recommendations for proposed nonprofit education activities on applicable VA Education Manual policies pertaining to conflict of interest and appropriateness to VA’s education missions as well as the definition of education and training established by PL 106-117, Section 204 (Title 38, Section 7362).

No educational activity can be initiated until approval of the Education Committee has been received.

Post Award

Funds received in support of educational programs usually have explicit restrictions on their use.

Educational grants and activities will be tracked separately by VBRI and will have a designated fund number and name. Financial reports will be provided monthly to the responsible member or designee.

The Board of Trustees will require an annual report on ongoing activities. For one-time events, the Education Committee will notify the responsible member or designee for the necessary report. The financial data for the report will be provided by VBRI.

Generally, funds received in support of an accredited program have additional restrictions. If some funds remain after the initial approved activity, these remaining funds cannot be used in support of other similar accredited programs unless it is allowed for in the grant agreement.


As indicated above, educational grants are usually received with explicit restrictions to a particular program or activity. Therefore, funds remaining at the end of an activity may have to be returned to sponsor or used only as allowed for education in the same fashion as original donation. If possible, VBRI will include wording in all requests that will allow as broad usage as possible for educational activities.

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