Direct Employment by VBRI

VBRI may employ full and part-time persons for support of the administrative, research and educational activities of the corporation. The length of employment for such individuals from investigator accounts shall be indefinite, with no
time commitments made. VBRI maintains an employment relationship with employees that is “at will” of the employer and the employee. Investigator request will be considered in the hiring, termination, assignment of duties, and the determination of reasonable salary levels but ultimately, determination of these items will be made by VBRI.

An Employee Request Form must be completed and submitted to the VBRI office prior to employment by VBRI. The requisite personnel forms for VBRI employment are available in the VBRI office and the website at Completed forms need to be submitted to the VBRI office before the employee can be hired.
No offer for employment through VBRI shall be made without prior consultation with appropriate VBRI staff (e.g. Executive Director).

All VBRI employees must obtain WOC (without compensation from the VA) status. Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. All employees must complete a time sheet that is signed by the employee and supervisor. Time sheets must be submitted to the VBRI office by the scheduled date, which is noted on the Payroll Schedule.

Employees certify by signing their timesheets that the hours worked for VBRI do not conflict or overlap with hours worked for any other employer.

Specific work schedules will be set by the direct supervisor, but full-time shall mean 40 hours per week.

A full-time VA employee who is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) working additional hours for VBRI must be paid subject to FLSA. This means the employee will be paid at overtime rates.

The following is a brief description of fringe benefits.

Medical insurance plans are available to eligible employees. VBRI contributes to 75% of the employee’s health insurance premium and the remaining 25% is automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck.

TIAA-CREF is offered as the group retirement plan. For eligibility, an employee must work 1,000 hours in a 12-month period from the date of hire, and must work for six months before contributions may be made.

All employees are eligible to participate in a supplemental retirement plan offered by TIAA-CREF with no waiting period. All employees are entitled to Social Security coverage, Workmen’s Disability, Unemployment Compensation, and New Jersey State Industrial Coverage.

Employees with appointments of more than three months accrue sick and annual leave at the same rate as permitted by VA policy. Limitations on carryover differ from the VA policy. Holidays will be paid for employees whose regularly scheduled tours of duty fall on these dates. The ten paid holidays will be the same as observed by the VA.

Please refer to the VBRI Personnel Policy for more detailed information on all personnel policies, procedures and benefits.

If you intend to hire staff, please allow three weeks prior to employment for all employee documentation to be processed.

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