Active Projects

If the investigator is moving to an academic nonprofit or other nonprofit research institution, or VAMC, to continue an ongoing VA-approved research project, remaining VBRI funds attributable to that project may be transferred to that institution at the discretion of the VBRI Board of Trustees. Equipment purchased with VBRI funds attributable to that project may also be transferred at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. Sponsor notification and approval is usually required.

If such funds retain donor-imposed restrictions, VBRI may be required to return remaining funds to the donor.

If an investigator resigns before a project is completed, the investigator may request that another VBRI investigator assume responsibility for research or education activities with VBRI funding. This request requires either R&D Committee approval or EDUCATION COMMITTEE approval, and may require the approval of the VBRI Board of Trustees and sponsor approval.

Residual Funds

Residual funds may exist after study completion and grant closeout if there are unexpended grant funds that do not require return to a sponsor subject to funding agency policies and guidelines. Any residual funds and equipment attributable to completed research projects or educational activities must continue to benefit VA research or education. Residual funds and equipment belong to the institution and their use is at the discretion of the VBRI Board. See Policy III. Residual Fund Accounts.

The Board may consider a request to transfer these funds or equipment to another VA-affiliated nonprofit corporation established under 38 U.S.C. §§7361-7368 if the investigator is transferring to another VA medical center. If a VBRI investigator is retiring or transferring to a non-VA institution, any remaining residual funds will be transferred to the VBRI general support fund to benefit VA research and education at VANJHCS. VBRI Principal Investigators and associated VA staff can make requests to the VBRI Board for use of funds to support research or education activities of importance to VANJHCS.

No funds or equipment may be transferred to for-profit organizations.

For all transfers, the investigator should submit a written request to the Board of Trustees for review including an explanation of the intended use of funds or equipment to benefit VANJHCS research or education. This request should be sent through the Executive Director as soon as possible in order to obtain necessary information for review by the Board.

If the request is approved, the transfer will be completed within a reasonable time. For transfer amounts above $25,000 a longer period of time may be required to complete the transaction. Investigators are encouraged to notify VBRI well in advance of the need for major fund transfers.

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