VBRI was established under 38 USC §§7361-7368. Section 7366 requires that each VA-affiliated institution submit an annual report to the VA with specific information provided. The report includes information for both research and education revenue and expenditures. The report also includes copies of the Institute’s IRS 990 form and annual audited financial statements.

VBRI assists the VANJHCS R&D office in submitting the annual Research and Development Information System (RDIS) Report on Expenditures, which is due for the government fiscal year October 1 thorough September 30. This report lists expenditure data for all projects.

VBRI has to maintain its status as a state incorporated nonprofit and files a report annually with the New Jersey Secretary of State for the Nonprofit Corporation Registration. The state also requires an annual filing with the Charities Division as well as the Secretary of State.

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