Investigators and educators may participate in VBRI if there is at least one approved project with the research mission or the education and training mission or both.

  1. Investigators and educator are participating members of VBRI if they have approved education or research projects and the funds are managed by VBRI and the VBRI Board of Trustees does not object to their membership.
  2. Investigators are required to adhere to the policy and procedures described in the VBRI Policy Manual as established by the Board of Trustees.
  3. The Board of Trustees will decide by majority vote whether a member shall forfeit VBRI association when matters of unethical or inappropriate actions are brought to their attention.

Following are the general criteria to initiate association:

  1. Research

    1. VBRI investigators will be investigators of the Department of Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System (VANJHCS). Appointment with VA must be active and can be with compensation or without compensation from the VA. Investigators will be engaged in the conduct of research or education as approved by the VANJHCS Research and Development (R&D) Committee. The Board of Trustees will regularly review all memberships. New member accounts may be set up in the interim prior to the next Board of Trustees meeting.
    2. Investigators are to conduct their professional activities in keeping with the VA policy for ethical conduct of research activities. Discovery of possible breach of such policy or accusations of such breach shall be referred to the VBRI Board President and the responsible VA officials. Please refer to the policies on Research Misconduct and Objectivity in Research in this manual and the R&D policies and handbook.
  2. Education

    1. Education and training that can be supported by VBRI include:
      1. Work-related instruction or other learning experiences for employees that (i) improve performance of current duties; (ii) assist employees in maintaining or gaining specialized proficiencies; or (iii) expand understanding of advances and changes inpatient care, technology, and health care administration.
      2. For Veterans under VHA care and their families and guardians, the education and training may include instruction or learning related to improving and maintaining health of Veterans as patients.

      Educators involved in education activities may be:

      1. individuals with staff appointments who are awarded an education or training grant;
      2. a service chief who receives funds for the benefit of the education and training of the service line employees, patients or caregivers,
      3. the responsible individual or designee for an education or training initiative or activity at the VANJHCS.

      All participating educators must have an active appointment and an active project research or education at the VANJHCS.

    2. To apply for association for education activities, the proposed educational activity needs the approval of the Education Committee (EC). Please see VANJHCS memorandum HR-04-0209, for the EDUCATION COMMITTEE policy and the procedures for approval of an education/training activity. This policy memorandum includes the procedures for approval of educational activities with non-VA funding. The Board of Trustees will review all education participant membership regularly. New member accounts may be set up in the interim period between Board meetings, but will not be approved accounts until the Board of Trustees has met.
    3. Educational activities, including patient /family oriented education, must be conducted under highest standards and in accordance with all guidelines of VANJHCS and the policies and procedures of VBRI.
    4. Please note that the education and training programs described above do not include educational coursework towards a degree or other academic coursework. Generally, the approved education and training programs are seminars, workshops or specialty programs.

Member Resignation or Retirement

If a duly elected member resigns or retires from the VANJHCS and no longer has a VA appointment, association in VBRI is ended and all remaining unused funds will either be returned to the donor if required or become funds for VBRI to be used at the Board discretion.

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